A rookie's world class to the SUS – TT!

Anamaria Erdelji has signed to the SUS – TT!

Anamaria debuted at the STK Senta (Serbia) in 1992, at the age of 7 years, then she joined the STK Coka. She also played in several Hungarian clubs (including Postas Matav SE Budapest) before joining the German club TV 1881 Altdorf.
For several years she is established in the South of Europe and played to the Portuguese Mirandela, team leader of the women's Championship VTC (in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2015). In addition she played for the club of Burgos (Spain) then the last 2 seasons in Pro A ATT SERRIS Val Europe.
It is also part of the Serbian national team since 1997.

Date of birth: 27/09/1985 in Serbia
Nationality: Serbian and Hungarian

Style of play: defence with many attacks
Snowshoeing decision-making: European – right hand
Speciality: Cut back

Best world ranking: 78
Current world ranking: 117
FFTT current ranking: No. 20

International individual awards:
Singles Champion ladies at the European Juniors Championships in 2000
Champion in doubles at the Mediterranean Games in 2005 (with his sister Silvia)
3rd single ladies at the European Championships in 2003
3rd doubles at the European Championships in 2003

Welcome to the SUS – TT!

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