Table tennis Euro Mini Champ's, from tomorrow in Schiltigheim, final adjustments – Dna 27.08.15

 The eve of the kickoff of the Euro Mini Champ's, the French selection is still in training. Accompanied by the Russian and Belgian delegations, El Tri hopes have been refining the last details. 


Photo: "the image of Elizabet Abraamian, winner last year, the Russian school took the habit to shine in Schiltigheim".

Since last Thursday, the three formations, accompanied by an Alsatian team, made the CREPS of Strasbourg their training centre.

For an internship of eight days before starting the Euro Mini Champ's, the equivalent of European Junior Championships.

More than 30 nations are expected, and not less than 400 young table tennis players will defend their colours this weekend in the gymnasia of malting and Leclerc, in Schiltigheim.

'Beneficial to train with them' this is in order to win the maximum medals that Damien Loiseau, the coach of the French selection, prepares his flock.

Collective training where come join the Russian and Belgian delegations. What is a great way to rub shoulders with the competition before, in the eyes of the Tricolor coach: 'we'll be opponent, so it's beneficial to train with them. Especially for girls, because the Russians have become accustomed to winning all the gold medals in the women's categories for two years, as did Elizabet Abraamian last year. It will therefore not be surprised by the opponent's. »

And on the other side, thought exactly the same thing. «Last year, it is a French who won the gold medal in the boys (it is Alexis Lebrun).» So it's win-win, they can familiarize themselves with the game of our daughters and we do the same with that of the young french,"said the coach of the Russian selects, Andrei Krutov.

Everyone wins, as long as nobody gets hurt.

For the moment, no package on the horizon for the table tennis players. Even after a long summer preparation with this internship for final stage.

"I mean first place" "We went crescendo into the preparation," says Damien Loiseau. The first course of 11 days in the South of the France was more focused on the physical preparation. «Since last Thursday, working rather quality and the individual aspect, to be ready the day J.»

Not what scare Prithyka Pavad (3rd year last EMC), favorite for the gold in his category (2004). "I think I have the means to get there, I've done a good preparation and I am obviously aiming for first place", she says, confident despite his young age (11 years).

His coach is on the same wavelength: "it actually has the potential to win the gold, it is one of the best in its class, recognizes Damien Loiseau, who prefers to put forward the concept of group. '' He will have to count on everyone, it won a single gold medal last year, and we want two this year. »

It remains only to fine-tune the final details.

Gilles Campos

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